The Thianco Group (Thien An Phat) and our associated companies:  Huegatex, Thienphugatex, thienanthinh JS Co  are known for their mission; to bring success to everyone, including our customers, partners, employees, and community.  We are only successful when our customers are satisfied with our products, services and the outside activities of our companies.

Whom we work for:

who are benefited by our product and service
who trust in our integrity and knowledge for their financial gain
who become more confident in their lives through the meaningful contribution
who are satisfied with our fair and transparent deal

Our Vision & Missions

  • Becoming a sucessful Company, serving the best goods and services for Customer in field of Textile and Garment.
  • Benefiting customers with products and services of high quality.
  • Benefiting investor and creating a friendly and reliable working environment together with adequate remuneration, promotion opportunities for all workers.

Our Policies

  • The Customer is our priority focus in providing safety products and perfect service.
  • We consider worker are the most valuable assets of the company and  they are respected on the basis of value rather themselves.
  • Building a scientific management and comprehensive system in order to prevent risks, implementing controls, minimizing the losses caused to the company and our customer compliant  to Quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015.